How can you get a beautiful Mumbai call girl at an affordable price in India?

Prostitution is made to be seen as a sin in India. It's actually the oldest industry in the world and not every woman is forced into it.
Something to think about…
Prostitution and pimping are a reality and it'll take more than just ideology to end this practice. You know why? Because the women assumed as victims sometimes indulge voluntarily in this.
A better move would be to promote better sex education in this country and more awareness about protection while doing sex. This country requires that even the sex workers should be entitled to exercise their basic rights and be offered protection against oppressive and exploitative customers.
It's not wrong to indulge in sex as a profession provided you're treated like a human and not a commodity. To give you perspective, it's a recognized service industry across the whole world.
The answer to this question from my end would be that beauty is an ambiguous term of sorts and since I don't know your definition of beauty, I can't really direct you to the right place. Indian women are one of the most beautiful in the whole world and we have got the title of Miss World this year.
Mumbai Call girls themselves can be affordable in India if you are fine with supporting an institution that endorses human trafficking and pimping women out for money that they'll probably see fractions of.
Beautiful Mumbai Call Girls are in high demand in a country like India. There is a significantly large population of men in India that when they want a call girl would like her to be beautiful.
The problem is that regular call girls are plain but the ones people consider beautiful are exceptional. They are the ones that there is a great demand for but not enough supply in the market. The ones that are on the market are only available from some "suppliers" for prices that are most likely out of your price range and can only be afforded by those of the upper echelons of society.
This encourages traffickers to kidnap young girls who might be developed into beautiful women so that there is more supply and that their underworld group can earn more money because of the lucrative demand.
All in all, you wish to Mumbai call girls to weather beautiful or plain supports the child trafficking industry. Your wish for cheap beautiful call girls in Mumbai will never get answered because there are other people like you who can afford to pay much more money to support this underworld business.